Innovation: Sterile Compounding

KPIC offers “Hands-on Immersion” Sterile Compounding Training & Certificate Program

"This is such a great program that has expanded and reinforced my knowledge of hazardous drugs, and increased my confidence going into a new job focused on hazardous drug compounding. This experience will be invaluable to my practice and in helping me to provide exceptional care to my patients. Thank you." - Attendee, Handling Hazardous Drugs in the Pharmacy Setting

Recent errors in pharmaceutical compounding have made national headlines as hundreds of patients were exposed to contaminated sterile preparations. These errors have led to over 60 deaths and concern with the regulation and training of individuals producing these products. Major regulatory changes are being implemented and practitioners are reevaluating entire production processes in order to minimize future negative events. Research shows there is considerable need for advanced, hands-on training opportunities and enhanced home based learning in this area of practice.


To respond to this need, Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center (KPIC) has developed advanced training programs in sterile compounding that provide a hands-onimmersion into proper technique and management of various levels of sterile compounding. KPIC utilizes the newly renovated, state-of-the-art, Aseptic Compounding Experience (ACE) Lab at the University of South Carolina Campus of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) to provide the training programs. The lab facility is equipped with the latest compounding technologies, video equipment for teaching purposes, and is fully compliant with USP 797 standards. This new facility provides the opportunity for advanced hands on learning in the proper preparation of sterile compounding products in one of the most advanced training labs in the United States.

Aseptic Technique Training Course

(7.5 hours home study, 16 hours live CE credit)

If you are looking for a comprehensive introductory training course that provides a heavy dose of hands on training, then this is the course for you!This course is targeted for pharmacy personnel that are new to sterile compounding or seeking a refresher training opportunity. This course provides industry-leading hands-on training in the clean room and classroom environment. Participants will prepare numerous compounds and complete core competencies in the clean room environment during the 2-day live training. Participants will be coached and assessed on the USP <797> personnel core competencies. Upon completion of the training program, participants will have a solid foundation in the basics of low and medium risk sterile compounding as well as the core standards of USP <797>.

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Sterile Compounding: Management and Practical Compliance with USP <797>

"Developed in Partnership with Critical Point"

(10 hours home study, 16 hours live CE credit)

Are you in need of a program that dives into the inner details of USP <797>? Then look no further. This program is targeted for individuals with an existing pre-requisite foundation in aseptic technique who are seeking more advanced training and competency in the full application of USP <797> and other referenced USP chapters. This training was developed for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or inspectors who are serving in a management or regulatory role for sterile compounding personnel and operation. Topics to be covered include engineering controls and airflow science, personnel competency assessment, media fill testing, cleaning, environmental sampling, staff training and documentation. Case studies along with lab based demonstrations and simulation exercises are integrated with lectures in order to enhance participant learning and application.

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Handling Hazardous Drugs in the Pharmacy Setting - NEW!

(7 hours live CE credit)

Are you seeking hands on training for compounding hazardous drugs? Are you seeking to learn about all the various safety devices available in the market to prevent inadvertent exposure to hazardous drugs? Are you in need of training on USP <800> standard requirements and best practices in this area? You have found the course that will fit all these needs and more! This course is targeted for all pharmacy personnel who are involved with handling and compounding hazardous drugs in compliance with USP <800>. There are applications for sterile and non-sterile drugs included in the curriculum. Over 70% of the course curriculum is hands on learning! When you leave this course you will have a solid foundation in proper and safe handling and compounding of hazardous drugs. Participants are expected to complete a pre-requisite aseptic technique training course and/or have experience with sterile compounding in order to complete this course. Participants that register for the Aseptic Technique course along with the Hazardous Drug Compounding course are eligible for a multi-program discount. For more details on the discount opportunity, please contact Kristi Niro.

Course Dates/Registration
  • TBD


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Group discounts are available for organizations registering 3 or more participants. Prior attendee discounts are available for individuals completing more than one course. For more details on these discounts, please contact Kristi Niro.

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KPIC Sterile Compounding Webinar Series

Core Competencies for Sterile Compounding Personnel (Home Study CE)
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Cleaning Basics for Sterile Compounding Personnel (Home Study CE)
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Compounding 2016: What's New, What's Not (Live CE with Carole Russell, RPh)

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Hugh Mobley and Blake Cogdill at graduation

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